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Should you take your Honda to any transmission shop?

honda_logoIs there a difference between honda transmissions and other transmissions?  Well of course there is.  The question is what.  Do you know?  Well its in how the clutch works and the types of gears that are used and a lot of other technical stuff you and I will most likely never understand or even care to know.  What does all this mean?  Well simply that you don’t want to to take your honda transmission to just any run of the mill transmission repair shop.  You want to make sure that you are going to a professional transmission center that specializes in Honda’s.

Taking your Honda to any one other than someone that knows your Honda could be a big mistake.  They may not know specifically what your car needs and therefore may fix it incorrectly or have to order the parts because they do not have them on hand.  This will cause you to have a wait a long time to get your car out of the shop.

For Honda Transmission Repair Charlotte NC check this out!

Most facilities that are proficient in a given maker should display that prominently so you know.  If they don’t then you need to make sure you ask.  Be precise when you ask and don’t let them just give you a vague answer that they can work on anything.  For a good shop that works specifically on Honda Transmissions you should check these guys out.  Especially if you are anywhere in the North Carolina area.  They know the Honda transmission very well and will get your Honda running again.

Don’t fall for imposters or generalized transmission shops.  You need an expert working on your transmission and you should expect nothing else.

No matter the car you still need to have your transmission maintained

lamborghini1Whether you drive a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or a Hyundai; you still need to keep your transmission running properly.  The transmission is a critical part of your vehicles drive train.  The drive train consists of the Clutch or torque converter, the transmission, and the differential.  The clutch engages the engine to the transmission.  The transmission sends the power from the engine to the differential.  And finally the differential sends the power out to the wheels.  If any part of this system doesn’t function right then your car won’t be going anywhere.

The most important part is the transmission though.  It is the largest part of the whole system.  There are several parts that need to be maintained properly.  Much like the oil in the engine keeps all the metal pieces that rub against each other from sticking and overheating, the transmission fluid does the same in the transmission.  There are many gears and metal turning on one another and those points need to stay lubricated so they do not overheat and seize up.  If your transmissions seizes your has just become a giant paperweight on wheels.

Proper maintenance of the your transmission is important.  It is important to find a good mechanic or service center that specializes specifically in transmissions.  More importantly still is s facility that is very knowledgeable about your vehicles specifications.  Find the best transmission repair facility in Charlotte NC here.

A knowledgeable mechanic or shop is an invaluable asset to have when maintaining your vehicle.  You can count on them to know what they are doing and never have to worry.  If you are lucky you may find a facility that specializes in numerous parts of your car but more likely you will have to have several different places like a transmission maintenance center, and engine specialist, and then a general mechanic for oil changes and minor repairs.   It is important to have a good relationship with these facilities as well.  You will typically get better services and sometimes better pricing.

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