Calling Cards and Misconceptions: Get the Truth

When it comes to using prepaid calling cards, there’s a lot of information out there. They’ve been around for a long time, and that means that there’s been plenty of time for people to form opinions and come up with some gross misconceptions about these handy communication accessories.

Misconception 1: Phone Cards Don’t Work on Mobile Devices

While this can vary from carrier to carrier, most phone cards work just fine on mobile devices. Since you’re calling a local number to input your PIN and then connect to an external network, the call generally counts as local on your phone’s end. This does mean that you’ll have to pay for the local minutes you do use on the call, but it’s definitely better than dealing with exorbitant roaming charges.

Misconception 2: Calling Cards Only Work in Their Country of Origin

International phone cards are a booming business, so this misconception is pretty far-fetched; these are designed to allow you to call a different country while only paying a minimal local call charge rather than an astronomical international call charge, so having them be usable only in one country wouldn’t be very useful. This misconception probably comes from the fact that some calling cards offer coverage only in a handful of countries—usually the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia—thereby leading to a misunderstanding about their usability. However, these cards tend to be usable from either side of the pond, allowing two people in different countries to share the card and talk at their leisure. It’s usually a little cheaper to use a limited option card, but not always.

Misconception 3: Nobody Uses Phone Cards Anymore

While local phone cards may be less and less common as many mobile phone prices drop throughout the world, international calling cards are still the most economical way to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues all over the globe. It’s common for businessmen traveling outside the country to use a calling card to contact their employers and loved ones back home, in order to keep down costs while away from home; it’s also popular for students studying abroad to have a calling card maintained by their parents, allowing them to call home whenever they want without running up a huge cell phone bill.

Phone cards are still a popular and functional option for keeping the cost of calling to a minimum. You may find that the truth of the matter opens up a plethora of options for keeping in touch—no matter where life takes you.

Changing the Face of Your Company with Remote Desktop Connection Software

As a growing company in the IT business, chances are that you continuously search for an edge over your competition. With such a high demand in this particular field, the exponentially growing number of emerging competitors should not be a surprise. By investing in remote desktop connection software, though, you can get the edge by changing the face of your company.

Redefine Your Brand

Investing in any specific type of software will never redefine your company’s brand and image. However, what your company is able to do with that software very well could achieve that goal. This software will allow your specialist to redefine themselves as Remote Desktop Connection Managers instead of just IT Support Specialists. Instead of relying on setting appointments for physical visits, your company will be able to advertise expeditious support services handled fully without the need for physical access.

Build an International Client Base

Addressing and resolving your client’s various IT issues and problems remotely will allow you to expand your client base internationally, according to Computer Weekly. In addition to fixing a slow-performing computer for a local business, you could also provide the same service to a major corporation on the other side


of the world. Think about the vast number of new clients that you will be able to add to your existing database from around the world just because of taking full advantage of a remote desktop software.

Grow Your Staff through Telecommuting

With remote access services, your IT business can offer telecommuting work opportunities to existing employees and prospective job candidates. Telecommuting continues to grow with an impressive impact in the U.S. workforce, according to the New York Times. For instance, you can expand your small team of IT specialists into a global workforce filled with first-class, experienced employees and outsourced contractors.

In addition to drastically reducing your overhead expenses, you will still be able to boost your productivity, efficiency, sales and annual revenue – reaching clients and countries that you likely never dreamed of reaching in the past.

Establish Remote Offices around the World

Using cloud based remote desktop connection management software makes it possible to expand your business around the world as well. Not only would you be able to hire international employees and contractors, but you could even establish remote offices in different countries managed by some of those top employees.

Regardless of the number of locations you have right now, chances are that you would not mind adding a few more to the list. Providing remote support services to your international client base will turn that dream into a reality.

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