LIVE: The Philippine Telecommunications Summit 2017, Day 1

LIVE: The Philippine Telecommunications Summit 2017, Day 1
Watch Day 1 of the Philippine Telecommunications Summit where the following topics will be discussed:

– The state of Philippine telecommunications: issues, consensus, solutions
– Stakeholder perspectives: consumer, regulator, telco
– Info and infrastructure issues

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What’s That Infrastructure? (Ep. 5 – Wireless Telecommunications)

What’s That Infrastructure? (Ep. 5 – Wireless Telecommunications)
The airwaves are awash with invisible communications keeping us connected and facilitating our information society. All that telecommunication requires a lot of infrastructure! Today’s episode of WTI shows some wireless telecommunications.

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Telecommunication : Foundations of Telecommunication (05:01)

Telecommunication : Foundations of Telecommunication (05:01)
Telecommunication : Foundations of Telecommunication (05:01)

We introduce the telecommunication series by looking as some fundamental concepts: the basics of electricity, analog signals, and digital signals.

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Lesson 1 in our “Telecommunication” series. This is part of our Introduction to Computers lecture series.


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Applying an Omnichannel Strategy in Telecommunications

Applying an Omnichannel Strategy in Telecommunications
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The telecom customers of today demand not only positive but also consistent interaction with their operator. They tend to use multiple, integrated sources prior to making a purchase. For that reason, an omnichannel strategy is becoming increasingly important for telco businesses. Nowadays, it is essential for telecommunication companies to provide seamless interaction via many integrated channels.

With Comarch Omnichannel Solution for Telco it is easy to improve the customer experience and to provide customer service of the highest quality across all the communication channels. That enables your telco customers to make purchase decisions whenever and however they want to. Comarch Omnichannel Order Management provides your telco business with professional support for introducing new offers or bundles of services in a short time and for adapting process elements. What is more, the effective implementation of an omnichannel strategy allows telecom companies to show their clients how much they care. Happy with their seamless, omnichannel purchasing experience, telecom clients will stay loyal and recommend your company to others.

Meet the needs of your existing and potential clients thanks to Comarch Omnichannel Order Management.

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Deloitte Webinar: Digital Transformation: A Bit-Wise Evolution for the Telecommunications Industry

Deloitte Webinar: Digital Transformation: A Bit-Wise Evolution for the Telecommunications Industry
The telecommunications industry, historically a stalwart of the American economy, is undergoing significant change. Traditional business models are being upended by the advent of a new kid on the block — the digital consumer. The digital consumer is an ever-expanding paradigm that reflects the new and preferred channel through which customers engage — both amongst themselves, but also with corporations with whom they transact goods and services. This digital transformation has become increasingly prevalent across all industries. So what does this mean for the bellwethers of our economy, not the least of which are telecommunications companies?

In this presentation, we explore digital transformation — from definition to impact, and from strategy through execution with the growing use of digital channels, including web, mobile and social. These channels are becoming paramount in the investment decisions that corporations are making to better engage customers, and the telecommunications industry is no exception. Watch this webinar to learn about the key priorities of a digital transformation for telecommunications companies along with the broader economic value of such a transformation.

Speaker: Ganesha Rasiah, Senior Manager, Telecommunications, Media & Technology, Deloitte Consulting

Telecommunications Technician

Telecommunications Technician
As a Telecommunications Technician in the Army you’ll learn to use high-tech military communications equipment that will set you apart from your civilian industry peers.

You’ll be a member of the Royal Australian Corps of Signals — using your specialised understanding of the electro-magnetic spectrum, communications systems, information technology and electronic warfare to enable highly dynamic command and control whilst disrupting that of any adversary.

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