Telecommunications Basics Part 1

Telecommunications Basics Part 1
In the first part of our series on telecommunications, Jim Gibson discusses the deregulation of the telecommunications industry and some of the basic technologies that power it.

13 thoughts on “Telecommunications Basics Part 1

  1. While I was a wire tech (U-Verse) with AT&T they refereed to the box as a
    cross box. They did have a few names for it though depending on the cable
    or ST that was working. But at the end of the day it was a cross box in the

  2. Thank you so much Jim. Wow, what a nice video presentation. Easy to listen
    and well informed. Please have more info on Telecom and toll-free

  3. Were there different sounding ROH (Receiver Off Hook) Warning Tones? There
    was a different sounding ROH tone with this telephone switch type called
    ATT/Philps Tel 5ESS-PBX Host. Have you heard that kind of telephone switch?

  4. I remember in my house we had two phones, tan and black with that thick
    cable and that phone had some weight on it!

  5. Great video!
    The candlestick phone has what’s called a “bulldog transmitter” as it
    doesn’t have the cone shaped mouthpiece, but rather a “smashed in” looking
    one, like a bulldog’s face. Another way of signaling the operator was
    through the use of magnetos, small hand cranked generators the customer
    would crank to summon the operator. Also, the 1/4 inch plugs used in audio,
    like on professional stuff, were an off shoot of the switchboard plugs,
    some people even call them TRS plugs for “tip, ring and sleeve” common
    names for the wires in a local loop!

  6. well geeee…Hes got a GOOD point!


    They are an evil money sucking giant who charges people an arm and a leg
    for everything…But in all honesty? I would much rather have GOOGLE own
    the net with Google fiber, rather than anyone else. IMHO.

    At least google has the money and the desire to innovate, thanks to Android
    and the mobile market 😀

    Would any of you want to pay loads of money for a “Business Account” with
    AT&T that only offered 18 megabits and 1.5 upload?

    Along with it going out every five minutes due to line quality issues in
    the area? (Attenuation and etc).

    I live in California near the beach…and the lines here with AT&T are over
    50 years old in alot of areas of the city, and the salt in the air doesnt

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