What You Need for a Great Web App

Web and Iphone mobile apps are all the rage . . .

in our ever-advancing technological society. Having a great application can help keep your business in the forefront of your customers’ minds, make the services you provide more accessible, and improving overall customer service. But, not every app is great. There are a few key components to creating an app that everyone will want to use.  Iphone application development company on Facebook can help you develop and launch your application on a variety of platforms, but you have to have the basic components in hand. Below is a list of what you need to have in mind, and on paper, when seeking to begin web app development.

The Look and Style

You need to stand out among the crowd. When creating your woman holding iphoneapplication-don’t try to look like everyone else. If you want a web application for your business, use your logo. If you don’t have a logo already, agency graphic designers can work with you to create one that will look good in the form of an app icon. Likewise, you app should be designed to play off and carry out your logo’s look, keeping in the same color scheme, font type, etc. Effective branding will help customers make associations with your business and things they see as they go about their daily activities. For example, Wal-Mart smiley face has become an iconic symbol for their company and the “Roll Back Prices” advertising ploy.


The internet has changed people’s perceptions of what using a computer is all about. It has turned into a medium for communication. Because people like to be both individuals and part of a community, they want business to treat them like their business is important and valued while having access to instant communication with customer service representatives and even with other customers of a business. Forums for posting customer reviews and instant messaging chat features are popular features of top ranking web applications. Social media makes it clear that people seek validation through communication and if you create an app that promotes communication then you cater to what customers want and need.

Convenience and Reliability

Woman holding iphone appInstant gratification is the name of the game when looking to be an online hit. In general, you have about five seconds to grab customers’ attention. Your app has to be engaging, intuitive, easy to navigate, and reliable. You should include several hyperlinks to other pages and ensure that you launch your app through a trusted server. If you use an unreliable host there is a lot of down time, customers will be quickly frustrated and look for another app that provides a similar service.

A good Iphone application needs to include a few key elements in order to capture and keep customer’s attention. An application needs to be easy to navigate, hosted through a reliable server that keeps the app available to customers 24/7, and promote communication. Branding is another important element of a successful web app. In order to keep your business in the minds of customers you need to carry your brand through on all pages of your application; a good agency can help you create brand power. A great web application will improve customer service for your company and add value to your products and services by helping customers to stay informed and connected.

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